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Your Internet speed seems to be not enough? The websites load slowly in your browser? Try our Speed Test to check if your ISP gives you what you pay for!

Internet Speed Test

Speed test is a tool for checking the speed and quality of Internet connection. Through it users can connect with servers placed all around the world and measure the data download and upload speed. Moreover, the ping test shows the ping time of the server, name of the Internet service provider and approximate localization. Read more...

Free Speed Test

Get free speed test for your website to increase your stats. Download and unzip the packagage to your web server into the root directory. Then you can open application via http://yourdomain.com/speedmini. Next customize color schema by changing colors.xml file in the speedmini directory. Read more...

How to do Speed Test

How to perform the Speed Test

First of all, stop and close all the applications that are using your Internet connection at the time of the speed test. Next select one of the serwers from the map bellow. The connection and ping test will begin automatically. The test measures your download data speed, upload data speed and delays beetween your computer and remote server.

Speed Test Statistics

Speed Test statistics

Each test result is saved to our database for statistic purposes. You can observe your results for your IP Address in "My Results" tab. In the "Global Stats" tab, you can check what are the average download and upload results of the speed test for particular continent, country or even city. There you also can view average ratings for certain ISPs.

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